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What do our students say about us?

Read experiences from of our students who took our courses and passed the HSK exams.

Sofia S.
HSK 6 Score: 218 / 300
Official Test

I took HSK 6 last December, after completing Chinese Zero to Hero HSK 6 course. This course helped me a lot during the preparation of the exam, I could memorize all the chengyu requested using their amazing dictionary and through the videos that explains all the dialogues from the textbooks. The extra resources that the course provide guarantees a unique and valid help in the learning process.

My plans for the future are improving my Chinese pronunciation and my speaking ability.

Thanks Jon and Ken! :)

Dmitry V.
HSK 5 Score: 262 / 300
Official Test

Hi everyone! I'm Dmitry from Russia. Some time ago I bumped into some grammar explanation videos on ZTH YouTube channel and found them extremely useful, so I purchased HSK 5 and 6 bundle.

Two month ago I tried myself on HSK test, but leaving the examination room I felt that I did bad and won’t get the results that would satisfy me, so I registered for exam again, but this time I used ZTH course as a base of my study process, within 25 days I completed 18 lessons, spending approximately 7-9 hours a day, and also did some 真题 few days before the test. And the result was beyond my expectation, I got 65 points more comparing to the first test in such a short period of time!

ZTH course works perfect, and I will use it to get HSK 6!

HSK 4 Score: 287 / 300
Official Test

My name is Sarhata all the way from Senegal. I started studying Chinese 8 months ago and I am very pleased I could achieve such high scores with the help of Chinese Zero To Hero. Finding them on YouTube was the best thing that could happen to me because it helped me achieve my goal of reaching advanced level Chinese in less than a year. These videos are extremely detailed to the point you don't even need the assistance from teachers which says a lot. I am extremely thankful to Ken and Jon, your work is appreciated more than you could ever know. HSK 5 here I come!!!

HSK 3 Score: 300 / 300
Official Test

I’ve been learning Mandarin for nearly three years now and am well aware of how some grammar points just take a while to really stick, particularly when they are explained to you in Mandarin. The Chinese Zero to Hero videos I’ve watched so far on YouTube have really helped me grasp some of those tricky grammar points. I’m close to sitting HSK4 so will use the videos to review what I’ve learnt and clear up anything I don’t quite grasp fully. In the future, I hope to continue on with HSK5 and be able to use Mandarin in a work setting.

Luis F.
HSK 3 Score: 295 / 300
Official Test

After passing HSK2 in June, I studied all HSK 3 material through this website, using my private classes with my Chinese teacher as conversation practice and to ask further questions that I might have had. I took the HSK 3 test on October 30th, together with HSKK1 (the results of which I'm still waiting for). I am very happy to have been able to reach such a great score and thankful for 龙江 and 戴肯 for all their help!
I have already started to study for HSK4 and hope to pass it before June next year =)

HSK 2 Score: 200 / 200
Official Test

After finding success in HSK 1, I continued to use Chinese Zero to Hero to help me prepare for HSK 2. The course certainly helped to simplify my studies by focusing on the items that mattered most. The results of my HSK 2 exam is the testament to Chinese Zero to Hero’s effectiveness as a learning tool. Now it’s on to HSK 3!

HSK 2 Score: 200 / 200
Official Test

I am a Neurology resident from the US. I wanted to study Chinese to communicate with both my family and my patients. Chinese Zero to Hero really helped me feel comfortable with Chinese grammar and listening skills. I binge watched all of the Zero to Hero HSK2 videos in a week! The videos are succinct, yet thorough, and also very funny. They make learning the language a lot of fun. I’m working on HSK3 now.

HSK 2 Score: 200 / 200
Official Test

I’m a Dean working in China. So far I’ve completed HSK 1-3. I just took the HSK3 test just last weekend. Thanks to Chinese Zero to Hero, I think I did better than expected but have to wait two weeks before I’m able to see the results. I plan to pass the HSK6 test with a score of 240 or higher in Oct 2019.

HSK 1 Score: 200 / 200
Official Test

Raised in Canada, I am embarking on a journey to gain proficiency in Hanyu. The HSK1 course was a great way to help me master the material required for the test to achieve my test result. Now that I have passed HSK1, it’s on to HSK2!

HSK 1 Score: 200 / 200
Official Test

I have been studying Chinese as a hobby to enrich my traveling experience and to be able to communicate with my family. I joined Chinese Zero to Hero to prepare for the HSK exam and become familiar with the format. The structure of the lessons allowed me to study part-time without becoming overwhelmed by the content. I took HSK 1 in March 2019 and plan to finish levels 2 & 3 later this year by using Chinese Zero to Hero as my primary study resource.

HSK 1 Score: 200 / 200
Official Test

During my learning process (and I’m still on it) I’ve met Chinese Zero to Hero. I watched the free videos on YouTube and immediately recognized what great material it was; short videos, straight to the point, clear explanations and simple examples. But my plans now is change my approach while studying, to make it fun, encouraging and exciting.

Courses that take your Chinese to the next level.

What makes our courses different?


You learn a language so you can do things with it – to accomplish real-world tasks, or functions. From day 1, we focus on enabling students to “do something” with what they learn, and design our lessons around that objective. We try to steer around overuse of unnecessary jargons and lengthy explanations and focus on practical applications.


Learning is hard work, but it should never be boring, so we designed our courses to be concise yet fun and engaging.  We use instruction design principles proposed by Robert M. Gagné , as well as multimedia learning guidelines by Richard E. Mayer .  The instructional designs are so successful that we have received many raving reviews from our students.


All of our courses focus on communication and function .  We strive to help students use the language by providing plenty of practice, both written and oral.  We help and encourage students to practice with a language exchange partner via sites such as iTalki .  This way students learn to use the language in real life, not just to pass tests.


All of our courses use the standardized HSK curriculum .  When you complete a course, you will be able to pass the HSK test for that level so you can measure your progress and prove your ability.  Carefully designed lessons following a well established program delivers real, measurable results. All courses follow the HSK Standard Course textbook by Jiang Liping.

Achieve fluent communication and outstanding HSK results.

A question commonly posed is, why do you have one of the best-selling HSK courses on the web? The answers lie in the instructional philosophy behind our courses. This page outlines some of the important differences between our courses and other learning products commonly found on the web.

First of all, our courses aim to form a complete suit with progressive and interconnecting units . Rather than littering the collection with disjointed one-shot lessons, our material forms a complete whole – a series of step-by-step video-based instructional units that take a beginner beyond the highest level, progressing from HSK level 1 all the way through HSK level 6 and beyond. Such an integrated approach reassures the students that once they sign up with us they will be shown a clear path to success, thus saving them considerable amount of time and uncertainty.

Granted, to be successful in acquiring Chinese as a second language, a learners need much more than a set of courses. They must be willing to make use of a variety of resources and expose themselves to large amounts of the target language through reading and listening. Nevertheless, our courses can form the backbone of their learning, providing the structure students can base their learning on.  Learners will find unparalleled success if they take our courses in conjunction with the vast array of learning options out there.

Second, our courses put the spotlight on what many students struggle with – grammar . Without proper knowledge of grammar, learners cannot accurately understand what they read or hear. In this regard, dictionaries are not particularly helpful because they do not explain sentence formation, at least not in a way that is clear to students at varying levels. Learning sentence formation is especially critical at the beginning stages where learners are utterly oblivious of even the most basic sentence patterns. As a result, many learners often resort to “guessing” by applying English grammar to Chinese sentences and misconstrue their meaning.  Therefore, to learn Chinese effectively, grammar instruction cannot be overlooked.

Some resist the idea of explicitly learning grammar in favor of a more natural, input-based approach. We agree to this assertion to some extent because the nuances of Chinese grammar simply cannot be taught with explicit instruction alone. Nevertheless, input is only meaningful if they are understood. If learners are never taught grammar, how can they possibly understand sentences correctly? It is obvious, therefore, that some grammar must be made familiar to the students, especially at the beginning stages. Our grammar instruction strives to be  simple and clear with ample examples  so that the learners can form sentences correctly without being unduly concerned with jargons and terms.

In short, curricular completeness and clear, step-by-step grammar instruction distinguishes us from most learning products out there. We hope these courses offer a meaningful contribution to the Chinese learning community.