Chinese Zero to Hero

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These are not subscriptions. You pay once and you will own it for life. No recurring fees.


Course Single Bundle Course Bundle
HSK 1 29 USD 134 USD
Save 24 USD
219 USD
Save 67 USD
HSK 2 29 USD
HSK 3 36 USD
HSK 4 64 USD
64 USD 109 USD
Save 48 USD
HSK 5 Expansion Courses
6 comprehensible input courses for HSK 5
9 USD ea.
FREE with HSK 5
HSK 6 64 USD
HSK 6 Expansion Courses
8 comprehensible input courses for HSK 6
9 USD ea.
FREE with HSK 6
Path To Fluency
learning strategy course
29 USD
FREE with HSK 5 or HSK 6
Word Builder: Ci Shifu 9 USD
Phonetics with Chinese Characteristics FREE
Learn Chinese with Poems FREE
Learn Chinese with Songs FREE

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