Face of the Language

300 languages are listed.

A user of A'ou (aou) .
Peter von Uslar (1816 – 1875), inventor of the first Abkhaz alphabet, a user of Abkhaz (ab) .
Okot p'Bitek (7 June 1931 – 20 July 1982), a Ugandan poet, a user of Acoli (ach) .
Carel Hendrik Bartels (1792 – 1850), an important mulatto trader on the Dutch Gold Coast, a user of Adangme (ada) .
Tevfik Esenç (1904 – 1992), a Circassian in Turkey, the last known speaker of Ubykh, a user of Adyghe (ady) .
Léon Bollack (1859 – 1925), a French trader who invented Bolak, a user of Afrihili (afh) .
General James Barry Munnik Hertzog KC (3 April 1866 – 21 November 1942), a South African politician and soldier, a user of Afrikaans (af) .
Johann Gottlieb Christaller (1827 – 1895), a German missionary, clergyman, ethnolinguist, translator and philologist, a user of Akan (ak) .
Sargon of Akkad, the first ruler of the Akkadian Empire, a user of Akkadian (akk) .
Ticasuk Brown (1904 – 1982), an Iñupiaq educator, poet and writer, a user of Alaskan Inupiaq (ik) .
Hysni Kapo (1915 – 1979), an Albanian military commander and leading member of the Party of Labour of Albania, a user of Albanian (sq) .
Laura Redden Searing (1839–1923), a deaf poet and journalist, a user of American Sign Language (ase) .
Tewodros II, Emperor of Ethiopia from 1855 until his death in 1868, a user of Amharic (am) .
Epicurus (341–270 BC), an ancient Greek philosopher and sage who founded Epicureanism, a highly influential school of philosophy, a user of Ancient Greek (grc) .
Moses, the most important prophet in Judaism, a user of Ancient Hebrew (hbo) .
Nagarjun (1911 – 1998), a poet who has also penned a number of novels, short stories, a user of Angika (anp) .
Ibn al-Haytham (c. 965 – c. 1040), a Muslim Arab mathematician, astronomer, and physicist of the Islamic Golden Age, a user of Arabic (ar) .
Francisco Goya (1746 – 1828), a Spanish romantic painter and printmaker, a user of Aragonese (an) .
Louise Aslanian (1904 – 1945), a French-Armenian communist and anti-fascist activist, writer, novelist, poet, a prominent figure in the French Resistance, a user of Armenian (hy) .
Lakshminath Bezbaroa (1864 – 1938), a writer from Assam, a user of Assamese (as) .
Johann Heinrich Hübschmann (1 July 1848 – 20 January 1908), a German philologist, a user of Avestan (ae) .
Malik Muhammad Jayasi (1477 – 1542), an Indian Sufi poet and pir, a user of Awadhi (awa) .
David Choquehuanca (born 1961), the 39th Vice President of Bolivia, a user of Aymara (ay) .
Huseyn Javid (1882 – 1941), a prominent Azerbaijani poet and playwright, a user of Azerbaijani (az) .
Naziha Syed Ali, a Pakistani investigative journalist, a user of Baluchi (bal) .
A user of Bambara (bm) .
Maksud Syundyukle (1904 – 1981), Tatar and Bashkir poet, translator, a user of Bashkir (ba) .
Salbatore Mitxelena (1919 – 1965), a friar and a writer in the Basque language, a user of Basque (eu) .
Francišak Bahuševič (1840 – 1900) a Belarusian poet, writer and lawyer, a user of Belarusian (be) .
Rabindranath Tagore (1861 – 1941), a Bengali polymath – poet, writer, playwright, composer, philosopher, social reformer and painter, a user of Bengali (bn) .
Bhikari Thakur (1887– 1971), an Indian Bhojpuri language poet, playwright, lyricist, actor, folk dancer, folk singer and social activist, a user of Bhojpuri (bho) .
José Fuentebella (1883 – 1982), widely known as “Pepe”, one of the greatest Fuentebella politician in Philippine history, a user of Bikol (bik) .
Safvet-beg Bašagić (1870 – 1934), a a Bosnian writer, a user of Bosnian (bs) .
Luo Guofan (1940 – 2009), a Bouyei, author of a collection of short stories "Flowers on the Cliff" and a children's novel "Green Mountains", a user of Bouyei (pcc) .
Abeozen (1896 – 1963), a Breton nationalist, novelist and dramatist who wrote in the Breton language, a user of Breton (br) .
Elin Pelin (1877 – 1949), arguably considered Bulgaria’s best narrator of country life, a user of Bulgarian (bg) .
May Shin (1917 – 2008), a Burmese actress and singer, a user of Burmese (my) .
A user of Caddo (cad) .
Bruce Lee (1940 – 1973), a Hong Kong American martial artist, actor, director, martial arts instructor and philosopher, a user of Cantonese (yue) .
Àngel Guimerà (1845 – 1924), a Spanish Nobel-nominated writer in the Catalan language, a user of Catalan (ca) .
Vicente Sotto (1877 – 1950), a Filipino politician who served as a Senator, the main author of the Press Freedom Law, a user of Cebuano (ceb) .
Chuon Nath (1883 – 1969), the late Kana Mahanikaya Supreme Patriarch of Cambodia, a user of Central Khmer (km) .
Ibrahim Ahmad (1914 – 2000), a Kurdish writer, novelist, judge and translator, a user of Central Kurdish (ckb) .
Akhmad Kadyrov (1951 – 2004), the Chief Mufti of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in the 1990s, a user of Chechen (ce) .
A user of Cheyenne (chy) .
Habib Tanvir (1923–2009), one of the most popular Indian Urdu, Hindi playwrights and a theatre director, poet and actor, a user of Chhattisgarhi (hne) .
A user of Chibcha (chb) .
Hu Shih (1891 – 1962), a Chinese diplomat, essayist, literary scholar, philosopher, and politician, a user of Chinese (zh) .
A young Chipewyan woman, circa 1900, a user of Chipewyan (chp) .
Samuel Garland (1803 - 1870), Chief to the Choctaw Nation, a user of Choctaw (cho) .
Ivan the Terrible (1530 – 1584), the grand prince of Moscow and the first tsar of all Russia, a user of Church Slavic (cu) .
Amritananda Mahasthavir, a Buddhist author in India, a user of Classical Newari (nwc) .
Posidonius (c. 135 – c. 51 BC), a Greek politician, astronomer, astrologer, geographer, historian, mathematician and teacher native to Apamea, Syria, a user of Classical Syriac (syc) .
Haji Gora Haji (1933 - 2021), a Swahili-language poet, lyricist, and writer from the Zanzibar archipelago, a user of Coastal Swahili (swh) .
Syed Hussein Alatas (1928 – 2007), a Malaysian academician, sociologist, founder of social science organisations, and politician, a user of Colloquial Malay (zlm) .
Enrico Caruso (1873 – 1921), an Italian operatic tenor, a user of Continental Southern Italian (nap) .
Amelia Edwards (1831 – 1892), an English novelist, journalist, traveller and Egyptologist, a user of Coptic (cop) .
Constantin "Tino" Rossi (29 April 1907 – 26 September 1983), a French singer and film actor, a user of Corsican (co) .
Charles “Checker” Tomkins, Métis, Second World War veteran and translator, a user of Cree (cr) .
Lilah Denton Lindsey (1860 – 1943), an American philanthropist, civic leader, women’s community organizer, temperance worker, and teacher, a user of Creek (mus) .
Joshua Green (1869 – 1975), an American sternwheeler captain, businessman, and banker, a user of Creolized Grand Ronde Chinook Jargon (chn) .
Bekir Çoban-zade (1893 – 1937) was a Crimean Tatar poet and professor of Turkic languages, a user of Crimean Tatar (crh) .
Dubravka Ugrešić (born 1949), a Yugoslav and later Croatian writer, a user of Croatian (hr) .
Jan Neruda (1834 – 1891), a Czech journalist, writer, poet and art critic, a user of Czech (cs) .
Charles Eastman (1858 – 1939), a physician and the first Native American to be certified in western medicine, a user of Dakota (dak) .
Hans Peter Holst (1811 – 1893), a Danish poet, a user of Danish (da) .
A user of Dinka (din) .
Joseph Albert Alberdingk Thijm (1820 – 1889), a Dutch writer, art critic, philologist, poet, a user of Dutch (nl) .
A user of Dyula (dyu) .
Ugyen Wangchuck (1862 – 1926), the first Druk Gyalpo (King of Bhutan), a user of Dzongkha (dz) .
Ramesses II (1303 BC – 1213 BC), the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt, a user of Egyptian (egy) .
A user of Elamite (elx) .
William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616), an English playwright, poet, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's greatest dramatist, a user of English (en) .
L. L. Zamenhof (15 December 1859 – 14 April 1917), an ophthalmologist who lived for most of his life in Warsaw, a user of Esperanto (eo) .
Marie Under (1883 – 1980), one of the greatest Estonian poets, a user of Estonian (et) .
A user of Fante (fat) .
Andrias Høgenni (born 1988), a Faroese film director from Tórshavn, a user of Faroese (fo) .
Totaram Sanadhya (1876 – 1947), a Fiji Indian Hindu priest and writer, a user of Fijian (fj) .
José Rizal (1861 – 1896), a Filipino nationalist and polymath during the tail end of the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines, a user of Filipino (fil) .
Aleksis Kivi (1834 – 1872), one of the greatest Finnish authors, a user of Finnish (fi) .
Louis XVIII (1755 – 1824), King of France during the French Revolution, a user of French (fr) .
Recha Freier (1892 – 1984), who saved the lives of 7,000 Jewish children, a user of Frisian (fy) .
Amedeo Giacomini (1939 – 2006), a contemporary Italian writer and poet, a user of Friulian (fur) .
A user of Fula (ff) .
Rosalía de Castro (1837 – 1885), a Galician poet, strongly identified with her native Galicia and the celebration of the Galician language, a user of Galician (gl) .
Rao Pingru (1922–2020), a Chinese comic book author who wrote the autobiographical love memoir ‘Our Story’, a user of Gan Chinese (gan) .
Giya Kancheli (1935 – 2019), a Georgian composer, a user of Georgian (ka) .
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) a German poet, playwright, novelist, scientist, statesman, theatre director, and critic, a user of German (de) .
J. R. R. Tolkien (1892–1973), an English writer, poet, philologist, and academic who made use of Gothic as a creative language, a user of Gothic (got) .
Constantine P. Cavafy (1863 – 1933), a Greek poet, journalist and civil servant from Alexandria, a user of Greek (el) .
A user of Guarani (gn) .
Keshavram Kashiram Shastri (born 1905), the founding leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, a user of Gujarati (gu) .
Timothy M. "Tim" Wallis (born 1940), a Gwich'in and American politician involved in indigenous activism, a user of Gwich'in (gwi) .
Félix Morisseau-Leroy (1912 – 1998), a Haitian writer who used Haitian Creole to write poetry and plays, a user of Haitian (ht) .
Sun Yat-sen (1866 – 1925), a Chinese statesman, physician, and political philosopher, who served as the provisional first president of the Republic of China, a user of Hakka Chinese (hak) .
Balaraba Ramat Yakubu (born 1959), a Nigerian author who writes in Hausa, a user of Hausa (ha) .
Edward Kahale (1891 – 1989), an American clergyman, and the third Kahu (pastor) of Hawaiian ancestry at Kawaiahaʻo Church, a user of Hawaiian (haw) .
David Ben-Gurion (1886 – 1973), the primary national founder of the State of Israel and the first Prime Minister of Israel, a user of Hebrew (he) .
Antonio Ledesma Jayme (1854 – 1937), a Filipino layer, revolutionary hero, Governor of Negros Occidental, and assemblyman, a user of Hiligaynon (hil) .
Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948), an Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist and political ethicist, a user of Hindi (hi) .
A user of Hiri Motu (ho) .
Harold Williams (1876 – 1928), a New Zealand journalist, foreign editor of The Times and polyglot, a user of Hittite (hit) .
A user of Hmong (hmn) .
Ernő Szép (1884 – 1953), a Hungarian poet, novelist, journalist, playwright, narrator, a user of Hungarian (hu) .
Jón Árnason (1819 — 1888), an Icelandic author, librarian, and museum director who made the first collection of Icelandic folktales, a user of Icelandic (is) .
Jens Otto Harry Jespersen (1860 – 1943), Danish linguist who specialized in the grammar of the English language, a user of Ido (io) .
A user of Igbo (ig) .
Eliezer Ben‑Yehuda (1858 – 1922), a Hebrew lexicographer and newspaper editor, a user of Imperial Aramaic (arc) .
Laxmi Mall Singhvi (1931 – 2007) was an Indian jurist, parliamentarian, scholar, writer and diplomat, a user of Indian Marwari (rwr) .
Pramoedya Ananta Toer (1925 – 2006), an Indonesian author of novels, short stories, essays, polemics and histories of his homeland and its people, a user of Indonesian (id) .
Alice Vanderbilt Morris (1874 – 1950), co-founder of the International Auxiliary Language Association (IALA), a user of Interlingua (ia) .
Edgar de Wahl (1867 – 1948), a Baltic German teacher, mathematician and linguist, a user of Interlingue (ie) .
A user of Inuktitut (iu) .
Francis Bacon (1909 – 1992), an Irish-born British figurative painter known for his raw, unsettling imagery, a user of Irish (ga) .
Georgi Maliev (1886 – 1942), an Ossetian poet, a user of Iron Ossetian (os) .
Oriana Fallaci (1929 – 2006), an Italian journalist, author, and political interviewer., a user of Italian (it) .
Egaku (822 –864), or Hui’E, a well-connected 9th century Japanese scholar-monk who made frequent trips to Tang China for pilgrimage and bringing back Buddhist teachings to Japan, a user of Japanese (ja) .
Kartini (1879 – 1904), a prominent Indonesian activist who advocated for women's rights and female education, a user of Javanese (jv) .
Hua Guofeng (1921 – 2008), Chairman of the Communist Party of China, a user of Jinyu Chinese (cjy) .
A Yemenite Jew, a user of Judeo-Arabic (jrb) .
Elkan Nathan Adler (1861 – 1946), an English author, lawyer, historian, and collector of Jewish books and manuscripts, a user of Judeo-Persian (jpr) .
Amirkhan Kamizovich Shomakhov (1910 − 1988), a Soviet Kabardian lyrics, prose, and play writer, primarily known as one of the founders of the Kabardian children's literature, a user of Kabardian (kbd) .
A user of Kalaallisut (kl) .
A user of Kamba (kam) .
Ferdinand Kittel (1854), a priest and indologist with the Basel Mission in south India, famous for his studies of the Kannada language, a user of Kannada (kn) .
Ali Modu Sheriff (born 1956), a Nigerian politician, a user of Kanuri (kr) .
Ałłajar Dosnazarow (1896 – 1937), a Soviet politician, a user of Kara-Kalpak (kaa) .
Liisi Beckmann (1924 – 2004), a Finnish designer and artist primarily active in Italy from the late 1950s to the late 1970s, a user of Karelian (krl) .
Jozef Cieminski (1867 – 1959), a Polish-born Roman Catholic priest, a user of Kashubian (csb) .
Chittadhar Hridaya (1906 – 1982), a Nepalese poet, a user of Kathmandu Valley Newari (new) .
Chit Phumisak (1930 – 1966), a Thai author, philologist, historian, poet, songwriter, and communist revolutionary, a user of Kawi (kaw) .
Balzhan Bultrikova (1921 – 1998), a Soviet and Kazakh teacher and stateswoman who helped establish the diplomatic corps in the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, a user of Kazakh (kk) .
Walter Bruno Henning (1908 – 1967), a German scholar of Middle Iranian languages and literature, a user of Khotanese (kho) .
A user of Kikuyu (ki) .
Nzinga (1583–1663) was Queen of the Ambundu Kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba (in present-day northern Angola), a user of Kimbundu (kmb) .
Franco Luambo (1938 – 1989), a musician from Congo, a user of Kinshasa Lingala (ln) .
Iasyr Shivaza, (1906 – 1988), a famous Soviet Dungan poet, writer, editor, linguist, translator, scholar and social activist, a user of Kirghiz (ky) .
A Klingon man as he appears in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Day of the Dove”, a user of Klingon (tlh) .
Pyotr Subbotin-Permyak (1886 – 1923), a Russian avant-gardist painter, the professor of decorative painting, a user of Komi (kv) .
Sejong the Great (1397 – 1450), the fourth king of the Joseon dynasty of Korea, a user of Korean (ko) .
A user of Kpelle (kpe) .
Celadet Alî Bedirxan (1893 – 1951), also known as Mîr Celadet, a Kurdish diplomat, writer, linguist, journalist and political activist, a user of Kurdish (ku) .
Elias Canetti (1905 – 1994), a German-language author born in Ruse, Bulgaria, a user of Ladino (lad) .
A user of Lama Bai (lay) .
Kaysone Phomvihane (1920 – 1992), the first leader of the Communist Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, a user of Lao (lo) .
Ovid (43 BC – 17/18 AD), a Roman poet who lived during the reign of Augustus, a user of Latin (la) .
Aspazija (1865 – 1943), a Latvian poet and playwright, a user of Latvian (lv) .
Confucius (511 – 479 BCE), a Chinese philosopher and politician of the Spring and Autumn period, a user of Literary Chinese (lzh) .
Kazys Puida (1883 – 1945), a Lithuanian writer, playwright, press worker, translator, a user of Lithuanian (lt) .
Mato Kósyk (1853 – 1940), a Sorbian poet and minister, a user of Lower Sorbian (dsb) .
A user of Luo (luo) .
Krste Misirkov (1874 – 1926), a philologist, journalist, historian and ethnographer, a user of Macedonian (mk) .
A user of Madurese (mad) .
A user of Magahi (mag) .
Surendra Jha ‘Suman’ (1910–2002), a Maithili poet, writer, publisher, editor and elected member of legislative assembly and parliament, a user of Maithili (mai) .
Dox (1913 – 1978), a Malagasy writer and poet considered one of the most important literary figures in the country’s history, a user of Malagasy (mg) .
Abdullah Hussain (1920 – 2014), a Malaysian novelist and writer, a user of Malay (ms) .
Thilakan (1935 – 2012), a veteran Indian film and stage actor who appeared in over 200 Malayalam films, a user of Malayalam (ml) .
Fortunato Mizzi (1844 – 1905), the founder of the Anti-Reform Party and the one who started the process which eventually led to Malta’s independence, a user of Maltese (mt) .
Prahlad Singh Tipaniya (born 1954), an Indian folk singer who performs Kabir bhajans in the Malwi folk style from Madhya Pradesh, a user of Malvi (mup) .
Prince Gong (1833 – 1898), an imperial prince of the Aisin Gioro clan and an important statesman of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty in China, a user of Manchu (mnc) .
Ba Jin (1904–2005), a Chinese writer and author who also wrote three original works in Esperanto, a user of Mandarin Chinese (cmn) .
A user of Mandingo (man) .
A user of Manipuri (mni) .
Doug Fargher (1926 – 1987), a Manx language activist, author, and radio personality who was involved with the revival of the Manx language on the Isle of Man in the 20th century, a user of Manx (gv) .
Āpirana Ngata (1874 – 1950), a prominent New Zealand statesman known for his work in promoting and protecting Māori culture and language, a user of Maori (mi) .
A women protester in Chile, a user of Mapudungun (arn) .
Kusumagraj (1912 – 1999), an eminent Marathi poet, playwright, novelist, short story writer, a user of Marathi (mr) .
A user of Marshallese (mh) .
Abhishek Singhvi (born 1959), an Indian lawyer and politician, a user of Marwari (mwr) .
A user of Masai (mas) .
Li Bai (701–762), a Chinese poet acclaimed from his own day to the present as a genius and a romantic figure who took traditional poetic forms to new heights, a user of Middle Chinese (ltc) .
Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1450 – 1516), a Dutch/Netherlandish painter from Brabant, a user of Middle Dutch (dum) .
John Lydgate (c. 1370 – c. 1451), English monk and poet, a user of Middle English (enm) .
Margaret of France (c. 1279 – 1318), Queen of England as the second wife of King Edward I, a user of Middle French (frm) .
Heinrich Frauenlob (1250 – 1318), a Middle High German poet, a user of Middle High German (gmh) .
Sun Keji (1917–2005), a native of Wuyishan City and a general of the People’s Liberation Army, a user of Min Bei Chinese (mnp) .
Bing Xin (1900 – 1999), one of the most prolific Chinese women writers of the 20th century, a user of Min Dong Chinese (cdo) .
Chen Lei (born 1963), Taiwanese pop music singer, a user of Min Nan Chinese (nan) .
Zou Taofen (1895 – 1944), a native of Yongan, Fujian, Chinese journalist and publisher, a user of Min Zhong Chinese (czo) .
Tuanku Imam Bonjol (1772 – 1864), one of the most popular leaders of the Padri movement in Central Sumatra, a user of Minangkabau (min) .
A user of Mohawk (moh) .
A user of Moksha (mdf) .
A user of Mongo (lol) .
Peljidiin Genden (1892 – 1937), a prominent political leader of the Mongolian People’s Republic who served as the country’s first President, a user of Mongolian (mn) .
Vuk Vrčević (1811–1882), a Montenegrin Serb collector of lyric poetry, a user of Montenegrin (cnr) .
A user of N'Ko (nqo) .
Hammer DeRoburt (1922 – 1992), the first President of the Republic of Nauru who ruled the country for most of its first twenty years of independence, a user of Nauru (na) .
Siddhicharan Shrestha (1912 – 1992), one of the most prominent writers of Nepal, a user of Nepali (ne) .
Baburam Acharya (1888–1971), a Nepalese historian and literary scholar, a user of Nepali (npi) .
A user of Nias (nia) .
Robert Rex (1909 – 1992), the first Premier of the Pacific island state of Niue, a user of Niuean (niu) .
A user of Nogai (nog) .
Ilyas Afandiyev (1914–1996), an Azerbaijani and Soviet writer, member of Azerbaijan Union of Writers, a user of North Azerbaijani (azj) .
Matrena Vakhrusheva (1918 – 2000), a Mansi linguist, philologist and writer, a user of Northern Mansi (mns) .
Li Zongren (1890 – 1969), a prominent Guangxi warlord and Kuomintang military commander, a user of Northern Pinghua (cnp) .
Choʻlpon (1893 – 1938), an Uzbek poet, playwright, novelist, and literary translator, a user of Northern Uzbek (uzn) .
Knut Hamsun (1859 – 1952), a Norwegian writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920, a user of Norwegian (no) .
Ivar Aasen (1813 – 1896), a Norwegian philologist, lexicographer, playwright, and poet, a user of Norwegian Bokmål (nb) .
Tarjei Vesaas (1897 – 1970), a Norwegian poet and novelist considered to be one of Norway’s greatest writers of the twentieth century, a user of Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) .
William Percival Johnson (1854 – 1928), an Anglican missionary to Nyasaland, a user of Nyanja (ny) .
Frédéric Mistral (1830 – 1914), a French writer of Occitan literature and lexicographer of the Provençal form of the language, a user of Occitan (oc) .
Madhusudan Rao (1853 – 1912), an Odia poet and writer from India, a user of Odia (or) .
Fu Hao (? – c. 1200 BC), one of the many wives of King Wu Ding of the Shang dynasty who served as a military general and high priestess, a user of Old Chinese (och) .
William the Conqueror (1028 – 1087), the first Norman monarch of England, a user of Old English (ang) .
Louis VI (1081 – 1137), King of the Franks, a user of Old French (fro) .
Otto I (912 – 973), an East Francian king and Holy Roman Emperor, a user of Old High German (goh) .
Rasmus Rask (1787–1832), a Danish linguist and philologist, a user of Old Norse (non) .
Jawar Mohammed (born 1986), an Ethiopian political analyst and activist, a user of Oromo (om) .
Dürrüşehvar Sultan (1914 – 2006), an Ottoman princess, the only daughter of Abdulmjid II and the last heir apparent to the Ottoman Imperial throne, a user of Ottoman Turkish (ota) .
A user of Palauan (pau) .
Pedro Orata (1899 – 1989), a Filipino educator known as the Father of Barrio High Schools, a user of Pangasinan (pag) .
Khan Abdul Ghani Khan (1914–1996), a Pashtun philosopher, poet, artist, writer and politician, a user of Pashto (ps) .
Ruhollah Khomeini (1900 – 1989), an Iranian political and religious leader and the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a user of Persian (fa) .
Thales of Miletus (624 – 545 BC), a Greek mathematician, astronomer and pre-Socratic philosopher, a user of Phoenician (phn) .
Lucien Xavier Michel-Andrianarahinjaka (1929–1997), a Malagasy writer, poet, and politician, a user of Plateau Malagasy (plt) .
Stefan Żeromski (1864 – 1925), a Polish novelist and dramatist belonging to the Young Poland movement at the turn of the 20th century, a user of Polish (pl) .
Raul Brandão (1867 – 1930), a Portuguese writer, journalist and military officer, a user of Portuguese (pt) .
Lin Yuanpei (1936 – ), native of Putian County, Fujian Province, Chinese bridge expert of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a user of Pu-Xian Chinese (cpx) .
Amrita Pritam (1919 – 2005), an Indian novelist, essayist and poet, a user of Punjabi (pa) .
José María Arguedas (1911 – 1969), a Peruvian novelist, poet, and anthropologist, a user of Quechua (qu) .
Mircea Eliade (1907 – 1986), a Romanian historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher, and professor at the University of Chicago, a user of Romanian (ro) .
Arno Camenisch (born 1978), a Swiss writer, a user of Romansh (rm) .
Immaculée Ilibagiza (born 1972), a Rwandan American author and motivational speaker, a user of Rundi (rn) .
Peter the Great (1672 – 1725), the ruler of the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire, a user of Russian (ru) .
Nils Vibe Stockfleth (1787 – 1866), a Norwegian cleric who was instrumental in the first development of the written form of the Northern Sami language, a user of Saami (se) .
A user of Sandawe (sad) .
A user of Sango (sg) .
Sher Shah Suri (1472 – 1545), the founder of the Suri Empire in India, a user of Sanskrit (sa) .
Shakir Shujabadi (born 1953), a prominent Saraiki-language poet, a user of Saraiki (skr) .
Grazia Deledda (1871 – 1936), an Italian writer who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926, a user of Sardinian (sc) .
David Hume (1711 – 1776), a Scottish Enlightenment philosopher, historian, economist, librarian and essayist, a user of Scots (sco) .
Sorley MacLean (1911 – 1996), a Scottish Gaelic poet, a user of Scottish Gaelic (gd) .
Borislav Pekić (1930 – 1992), a Serbian and Yugoslav writer and political activist, a user of Serbian (sr) .
Ivo Andrić (1892 – 1975), a Yugoslav novelist, poet, and short story writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1961, a user of Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian (sh) .
A user of Shona (sn) .
A user of Sichuan Yi (ii) .
A user of Sidamo (sid) .
Sahpo Muxika (1830 – 1890), also known as Crowfoot, Head Chief of the Siksika, a user of Siksika (bla) .
Legolas, a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, a Sindar Elf of the Woodland Realm and one of the nine members of the Fellowship, a user of Sindarin (sjn) .
Hotchand Molchand Gurbakhshani (1884-1947), a leading academician, an educationist and scholar, a user of Sindhi (sd) .
S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike (1899 – 1959), the fourth Prime Minister of the Dominion of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), a user of Sinhala (si) .
Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav (1849 – 1921), a Slovak poet, dramatist, translator, a user of Slovak (sk) .
Ivan Cankar (1876 – 1918), a Slovene writer, playwright, essayist, poet, and political activist, a user of Slovenian (sl) .
Sheikh Ali Ayanle Samatar, a prominent Somali Islamic scholar, a user of Somali (so) .
A user of Soninke (snk) .
Charlotte Maxeke (1871 – 1939), a South African religious leader, social and political activist, a user of Sotho (st) .
Li Ning (1963 –), Chinese gymnast, a user of Southern Pinghua (csp) .
Ricky Martin (1971–), a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, actor, author, record producer, and humanitarian who is known as the "King of Latin Pop”, a user of Spanish (es) .
Taha Hussein (1889–1973), one of the most influential 20th-century Egyptian writers and intellectuals, a user of Standard Arabic (arb) .
Sargon of Akkad, the first ruler of the Akkadian Empire (c. 2334 – 2279 BC), a user of Sumerian (sux) .
A user of Sundanese (su) .
Ali Mazrui (1933 – 2014), a Kenyan-born American academic, professor, and political writer on African and Islamic studies, a user of Swahili (sw) .
A user of Swati (ss) .
Anna Greta Wide (1920 – 1965), a Swedish poet, a user of Swedish (sv) .
Severus of Antioch (c. 459 – 538), the Patriarch of Antioch, and head of the Syriac Orthodox Church, a user of Syriac (syr) .
José Rizal (1861 – 1896), a Filipino nationalist and polymath during the tail end of the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines, a user of Tagalog (tl) .
A user of Tajik (tg) .
Subramania Bharati (1882 – 1921), a Tamil writer, poet, journalist, Indian independence activist, social reformer and polyglot, a user of Tamil (ta) .
Şefika Gaspıralı (1886 – 1975), a politician, publisher, educator, a user of Tatar (tt) .
Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy (1863 – 1940), a Telugu writer and one of the earliest modern Telugu linguists and social visionaries during the British rule, a user of Telugu (te) .
A user of Thai (th) .
Gendün Chöphel (1903 – 1951), a Tibetan scholar, thinker, writer, poet, linguist, and artist, a user of Tibetan (bo) .
Ibrahim Sultan Ali (born 1909), who played a part in the emancipation of Tigre in Sahel and Barka and establishing Blocco Independenza, a user of Tigre (tig) .
A user of Tonga (to) .
Shamita Shetty (born 1979), Indian actress, a user of Tulu (tcy) .
Kenneth Kaunda (1924 – 2021), a Zambian politician who served as the first president of Zambia, a user of Tumbuka (tum) .
Mehmet Akif Ersoy (1873 – 1936), a Turkish poet, writer, academic, politician, and the author of the Turkish National Anthem, a user of Turkish (tr) .
A user of Turkmen (tk) .
A man from the Nukufetau atoll, as drawn by Alfred Agate in 1841, a user of Tuvalu (tvl) .
Abduhalik Uyghur (1901 – 1933), a Uyghur poet famous for his poem “Oyghan”, a user of Uighur (ug) .
Taras Shevchenko (1814 – 1861), a Ukrainian poet, writer, artist, a user of Ukrainian (uk) .
John Kilian (1811 – 1884), a Lutheran pastor and leader of the colony known as the Wends of Texas, a user of Upper Sorbian (hsb) .
Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan (1905 – 1990), the First Lady of Pakistan from 1947 to 1951, a user of Urdu (ur) .
Hamza Hakimzade Niyazi (1889 – 1929), an Uzbek author, composer, playwright, poet, scholar, political activist, a user of Uzbek (uz) .
Ho Chi Minh (1890 – 1969), a Vietnamese revolutionary and politician, Prime Minister and President of North Vietnam, a user of Vietnamese (vi) .
Johann Martin Schleyer (1831 – 1912), a German Catholic priest who invented the constructed language Volapük, a user of Volapük (vo) .
A user of Washo (was) .
Alun Lewis (1915 – 1944), a Welsh poet, a user of Welsh (cy) .
Sadegh Hedayat (1903–1951), an Iranian writer, translator and intellectual, one of the earliest Iranian writers to adopt literary modernism in their career, a user of Western Farsi (pes) .
A user of Wolof (wo) .
Lu Xun (1881 – 1936), a Chinese writer, essayist, poet, and literary critic, a user of Wu Chinese (wuu) .
A user of Xhosa (xh) .
Mao Zedong (1893 – 1976), a Chinese communist revolutionary who was the founding father of the People's Republic of China, a user of Xiang Chinese (hsn) .
A user of Yapese (yap) .
Debora Vogel (1902 – 1942), a Polish-Jewish philosopher and poet, a user of Yiddish (yi) .
A user of Yoruba (yo) .
Francisco Toledo (1940 – 2019), a Mexican Zapotec painter, sculpture and graphic artist, a user of Zapotec (zap) .
Huang Xianfan (1899 – 1982), a Zhuang Chinese historian, ethnologist and educator, a user of Zhuang (za) .
Bernard Mizeki (1861 – 1896), an African Christian missionary and martyr, a user of Zimbabwean Ndebele (nd) .
A user of Zulu (zu) .
A user of Zuni (zun) .

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