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June 8, 2018
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Channel: Food Wishes
hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with frangipane tart
that's right halfway between cake town and pie ville there's a little spot
called frangipane junction that unfortunately not many people are
familiar with sure a lot of that's because it's a fictitional place I just
made up for this intro but the point is more people should know about this
gorgeous and very easy to make pastry that I sort of consider a hybrid between
those two more popular desserts and by the way one of the all-time great ways
to eat fresh sweet summer fruit so with that let's go ahead and get started by
making our pastry shell which is usually done with pie dough but since I have
three rectangular pieces of puff pastry in the freezer I decided to use those
and my plan was the piece those together into sort of a free-form tart so I used
a little touch of water to help the dough stick and I put two of my pieces
of dough end-to-end to form one of those long rectangular tarts you see in those
fancy French bakeries and I sort of pressed and push those together and then
use my bench scraper to square those off and something I always want you to
remember when we're working on desserts and pastries they don't have to look
good until the end so please don't be too stressed for them in this show
especially if you're piecing together some scraps like I am because as you'll
see once this is baked and glazed it is gonna look amazing but anyway once I had
my foundation built I went around with my finger moisten the edge of that
rectangle and what I'll do is cut strips from that third piece and use that to
build a crust around the outside around the outside around the outside and as
always when we're working with puff pastry we want to make sure it's very
cold so this is gonna be a lot easier to cut and will actually look better once
it's baked and since my third piece of puff pastry wasn't big enough I ended up
having a piece together three strips on each side which I was afraid was gonna
cause some problems but ultimately it didn't and then what we'll do once our
pastry base has been bordered is take a fork and do what's known as docking the
dough push just means we're gonna poke that bottom like a hundred times and the
reason the pastry chefs call this docking is because I think people were
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