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July 31, 2018
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Channel: Food Wishes
hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with tomato tart that's right i've
always wanted to visit the south of france but not because of the famous
film festival or those gorgeous clothing-optional beaches no the real
reason I want to visit Provence is so I can enjoy this amazing tart in its
natural habitat preferably accompanied by their equally
famous rose' but anyway I'm very excited to show you my take on this deceptively
simple recipe and we'll begin that by thawing out some puff pastry with which
we're gonna build our freeform rectangular tart shell and ham this
would be way easier if this thing came in a big sheet like in the restaurants
but it doesn't so I'm just gonna go ahead and press together a couple of
these squares to make a rectangle and I'll just sort of smoosh and press
together the seam in the middle and generally thought our puff pastry should
be sticky enough to adhere but if need be don't be afraid to brush on just a
little touch of water and then what we'll do once our rectangular base is
done is cut some strips from the extra pieces and we'll lay those along the
edge to make a border oh and stop me if you've heard this one before but it
doesn't matter how bad it looks at this point as you'll see once this is baked
it's gonna look magnificent even if you do a fairly mediocre job forming the
shell like I'm doing here so please don't be too stressed doing this because
your tart will actually sense that and not taste as good and then what we're
gonna do once our base has formed is we're gonna go ahead and pop this in the
freezer for 10 minutes to firm it back up because for the next step we're gonna
perform the old slash and prick and that is not going to work out unless our
dough is firm so like I said we'll pop that in the freezer for about 10 minutes
at which point we're gonna take a knife and go around the outside making semi
even slashes about I don't know quarter inch apart all the way around including
both ends which is kind of hard to see and by doing that once this is baked
we're gonna kind of camouflage where our seams were and as you'll see it kind of
works and then what we'll do once at set is take a fork and besides give that
Center seam a little bit of an extra press we will go ahead and use that fork
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