Classic Lemon Tart Recipe

June 15, 2021
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Channel: Preppy Kitchen
- If you love lemons and are looking
for a drop of sunshine on a plate,
then you've got to try my lemon tart recipe.
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Hey, you're watching Preppy Kitchen,
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you how to make delicious homemade dishes
to share with your family and friends.
This lemon tart will be ready before you know it.
So let's get started.
First off, we're making an easy and delicious pastry crust.
We're going to start off with two tablespoons of cream.
One egg yolk.
I'm going to give that a really quick mix
and this will go into my pastry.
It's gonna hold it together and add some extra richness.
Now into a large bowl,
I'm measuring out one and a quarter
or 150 grams of all purpose flour.
A quarter teaspoon of salt.
It's going to give you a little bit of contrast.
And one quarter cup of sugar.
Whisk it up, our scale is done.
Now we're just going to grab
some ice cold butter from the fridge.
Not frozen, but cold butter in the fridge.
I'm going to cut the butter into small pieces.
I find these butter towers very gratifying.
Plop the butter right into the flour.
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