August 20, 2019
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Channel: Aya Caliva / Pastry Chef Mom
Do you have issues with your tart crust and don't know what's the problem? If so, you
are in a right place. I'm going to spill all the crucial tips that a lot of people
don't know about so that you can make your own clean and beautiful looking
tart crust just as good as top pastry chefs in the world.
Alright so first, let's start making from the tart dough. I'm going to
share my golden recipe that I use for almost anything. Anything not savory. So
first we're gonna add all the dry ingredients in a bowl. All purpose flour,
almond flour, powdered sugar and a few pinches of salt.
Alright.. and give them a good whisk just until they are combined like this. Oh
It's a perfect size... alright cut butter. Make sure that your butter is nice and
cold. Now we're gonna mix with a petal until the butter gets into tiny tiny
tiny pieces and everything looks like a sand. Mix with low to medium speed so that
it's not gonna scattered everywhere. So depending on how cold your ingredients
are, this process may take a few minutes to up to like 15 minutes so just check
some times and see if it's ready. And one of the great things about this recipe is
that you don't need a blind baking which is you know for some recipes you have to
lay like parchment paper or foil on top and pour stones, beans or rice and bake
first so that the bottom is not gonna rise up.. and take them out and bake again
until they are done. And for this recipe you just have to set in a mold, chill and
go. Let's take a look.
All right so take a closer look. What I meant by it looks like sand is like
this... it is really sandy and it almost looks like fine almond flour. You can use
a food processor if you like, this will be done in seconds. And this process is
called sablage in French which means "to make sandy". By doing this, your flours
are coated with butter all around which creates such a delicate.. kind of flaky
light crunches for your crust. And beat your egg. Add your egg slowly from the
side over mixing and stop right away when it is fully combined.
Alright so take a look.. the color is even and you don't see any
flours. That's the sign it's done. And now we're gonna wrap this and roll into
a thin rectangle. By making it thin like this, it's gonna chill faster and also
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