How To Make Inga's Apple Tart • Tasty

December 7, 2019
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- What I love about this apple tart is
it's sweet, it's tart, and the crust is just so buttery.
Hey, guys.
It's Inga.
So today I'll be teaching you guys how to make
my favorite apple tart.
As much as I love apple pie,
I just wanted to find a way to sort of elevate it,
and this was just the perfect way to do it.
This is a recipe I've made since I was in college.
This was just something really special
that I was able to share with friends and family.
I just still remember the first time they saw it,
and they were just like, "Wow, this is incredible."
This looks so beautiful in a holiday setting.
I feel like it is a season where it's to be celebrated
and shared and it's happiness all over.
And so this is kind of my way of contributing
to that a little bit.
I normally only make this tart on special occasions,
you know, when I'm going to a housewarming party,
or to a holiday party, basically when there's any event
where there's a lot of people.
I think what impresses people the most about it is that
because when you arrange the apples in that way,
it resembles a rose, laying out the apples one by one,
slice by slice.
I know it seems super tedious,
but it's also kind of therapeutic,
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