How to Use Basting Spray

January 19, 2014
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Channel: Sewing Parts Online
Hey everyone this is Sarah with and today I want to talk to you really quickly
about Basting Spray.
Now if you haven't used this before this stuff is awesome!
It is a huge time saver.
So basically instead of pinning all of your layers into place for applique, quilting or
whatever you can just spray it just like hairspray and it will stick together.
It has a nice strong bond.
You can sew what you need to sew, throw it in the wash, it comes right out or don't wash,
whatever, its just temporary.
So let me show you real quick how it works.
Now quilters love this stuff because it allows you to get your fabric really smooth and flat.
No bubbles, no puckering, no pinning a million times, or leaving pins all over the place
so really its efficient and its tidier and its great.
So let me show you why.
So I made this little heart coaster in less than five minutes because instead of pinning
I just sprayed.
Let me show ya real quick how to do it.
So I would take my bottom layer and this is all you do.
Now if you're worried about gunk getting everywhere this comes up with a with a mild alcohol based
If you have any kind of rubbing alcohol it will come right off.
If you're worried about your needle being gummed up put some alcohol on a Q-tip, clean
it up, your good to go.
So as my next layer just shake it up a little bit, spray, and pat it down.
Last layer, shake it up, spray, pat it down.
Over with time the adhesive obviously breaks down right so, its just long enough to get
your sewing in.
So here ready, perfectly its not coming off.
It's a good strong bond.
It makes sure that your fabric is flat that's why this is so great and so good to use.
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