The BEST Fruit Tart Recipe

April 10, 2019
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Channel: Preppy Kitchen
- Hey Bakers, John Kanell from Preppy Kitchen here
and today we're making these amazing fruit tarts.
Perfectly baked formed delicious pastry shells filled
with pastry cream,
the most amazing custard you've ever had in your life,
and of course their topped with fresh fruits,
washed with an apricot brandy glaze
for a little bit of sparkle and deliciousness.
Let's get started!
First off, we're going to make our dreamy pastry cream.
This is custard sent from heaven,
but you need to chill it first,
so, we want to get this done
as soon as possible if not the day before;
day before is fine,
you can do a lot of this prep the day before
and assemble the day of, it'll be really easy.
Start of by taking a vanilla bean,
splitting it length-wise,
and then just scrape out all those amazing and black seeds.
Place that into a saucepan along with two cups of milk,
whole please,
and then heat that over medium heat until it starts
to simmer, like, just about to boil.
Take it off the heat, set it aside,
and we're gonna work on our egg yokes.
Take six egg yolks along with two-thirds of a cup of sugar,
you'd use a little bit more if you wanted,
that's totally up to you,
pinch of salt, and give it a nice whisk.
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